Ep. 48: Loose Ends - A Sylel Story, log #2

Sylel lives again! After barely surviving his encounter with a Warforged defending a mansion that Sylel and his posse were trying to pilfer, our poor elf now finds his fate in the hands of his human and half-orc compatriots. Honestly, with as much shit as Sylel has done, he kinda deserves these bedfellows.

Ep. 45: Inter-Mission #4

We pick up right where we left off: Unit 12 evacuating the coastal city of Arduris while the city itself is under attack from a flotilla of pirate frigates. While Parrothead and former-councilman-now-lord Raun lay siege, the elves flee in haste looking for any figurative port in the storm. Now Unit 12 must relay what happened, and deal with the consequences of their actions.

CritMas Special 2018, Part 2

The Stench, a gnome so foul and grotesque she was exiled to the tippy top of Mount Snowdust. Now Unit 12 must go find her, for she is the one who burned down the Solstice Trees and took the town’s presents. And maybe they’ll even learn the true meaning of the holiday along the way!

CritMas Special 2018, Part 1

Ho, ho, ho! We're back as promised for our Christmas 2-parter special! On this wonderful Eve, our festive DM Matt is taking Unit 12 to the cheery village of Snowdust, where the people there have been bereft of their merriment and joy! Who could be so dastardly?!

Halloween Special, Part 2

Magical forests are really no place for a sarcastic rabble of soldiers. It’s places like this that vengeful hags and spiteful pixies prey on the mortal. Unit 12 and their two new friends will find that entering the forest is much easier than it is to get out.

Halloween Special, Part 1

We join Unit 12 in an ambiguous timeline (and in 5th Edition) given a rather mundane task: strong-arm the nearby village for supplies that the EDF desperately needs. Simple, right? It is, until you involve a psychopathic bard and a trash-talking warlock. Oh, and some creepy children.

Ep. 44: Escape from the Undertow Sprawl

Parrothead and Raun's new alliance will soon turn their wrath onto those who held the city in a vice grip for centuries. Unit 12, caught in the crossfire of these massive forces, will be forced to run through the wreckage of the collapsing mega-slum known as The Undertow Sprawl.  If they can escape, and that's a big "if," what will become of Arduris, and of Eyabor?

Ep. 36: Birds of a Feather, log #7

A deal has been struck with Councilor Raun: find 5 targets purported to have information regarding Parrothead, and discover a way to find the dread pirate in person.  That is if Parrothead doesn't get to them first.  But first, everyone must heal up for a night of drinking!

Ep. 35: Birds of a Feather, log #6

In the course of 2 whole days, Sylel managed to set the city on fire, destroy a marketplace and an inn, and announce Unit 12's presence to the world and (probably) to their target.  Most recently, we find them hiding in a cave with some unfriendly-sounding individuals following.  And just as Unit 12 was about to do something, Ailos heard a voice in his head...